Why Apps are More Polished on iOS

Why Apps are More Polished on iOS

Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel, Talented Tech Guy. So in this video I will tell you why apps on iPhone (iOS) are polished (better) than Android. So let’s get started. People usually say that if you want to buy a phone for gaming, then buy an iPhone, not an Android phone. So, today I am going to tell you why people prefer buying an iOS device like iPhone, iPad or iMac, so the reason why iPhone apps are better than Android is because there are many Android phones such as Oppo, OnePlus, Xiomi Samsung, Redmi (part of Xiomi) and many more. which has Android operating system but on the other hand Apple launches only two or three phones per year So the app developers for App Store don’t need to work hard. Let me explain to you in an easy way. For example if you are an engineer And you have to fix five PCs and the five PCs have only one operating system then you will know what to do to fix the problem but if there are five PCs and three of them are running Linux software then you will take time to fix the Windows machine than a Linux machine Because you are already used to Windows like I use Windows. If somebody will give me a Linux operating system laptop to fix something then I will take two or three hours to fix that. But if they give me a windows-based OS then maybe I will take hardly 30 minutes because I’m used to to it, so the similar way applies to workers who work for app development for Android. Let me come back to OnePlus. OnePlus is a gaming smartphone. I saw a video of a YouTuber called XeeTechCare. In that video, he was testing the performance of gaming and One Plus came first. Let me come to Huawei smartphone. As you know, the crisis on Huawei – the U.S. ban If you are following me on Instagram you might know what happened to Huawei But now they are making their own software called Harmony OS and maybe games will run smoother on Huawei phones If Huawei launches a phone with it’s own software not Android and I’m not telling you to buy an iPhone nor an android device (choice is yours). I am just telling you if we want the best performance, buy an Apple product like iPhone or iPad. So comment down below. What do you prefer – Android or iOS. That’s all for now. I want to thank you all for watching my videos and if you are new here please subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to share this video to Apple users. Maybe they will subscribe to my channel, and you will see me in my next video.

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