Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast? An Apple Tech’s 14 iPhone Battery Drain Fixes!

Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast? An Apple Tech’s 14 iPhone Battery Drain Fixes!

Hi guys, David and David here from payetteforward.com,
and in this video, we’re going to explain why your iPhone battery dies so fast, and then
recommend 14 iPhone battery life saving tips. Now, I used to work in an Apple Store and
people would come in all the time of this problem. 99% of the time, this problem is caused by
the iPhone software. There’s nothing wrong with the physical battery
inside your iPhone. So we would always run these battery checks.
They’d come back positive that the battery was okay, and then I’d show them how to do
these tips and people would leave and they’d have much better battery life. So that’s what we’re going to show you how
to do today. Our first battery saving tip is Push Mail:
Turn push mail from Push to Fetch. So with push mail, your iPhone maintains a
constant connection to your email server, and your iPhone is always asking that server,
“Is their mail? Is their mail? Is there mail? Is there mail?” So instead of having that happen, we can change
your iPhone from Push to Fetch. That way, we decide how often your iPhone
checks to see if there’s new mail or other updates. Sure. So, how do we do that? Well first, let’s open up the Settings app
on your iPhone. Scroll down to Accounts & Passwords. Tap Fetch New Data. First thing we’ll do here is turn off the
switch next to Push at the top of the screen. Now, how often should we fetch new data on
your iPhone? And the answer is up to you. But generally, every 15 minutes is what I
choose. Yes. Because instead of your iPhone constantly
asking the server, “Is there new mail?” we tell the iPhone to just check every 15 minutes,
and that’s frequent enough for me. And you can always just open up your mail
app, and then the mail will automatically fetch. Exactly. Yep. So I’ll tap every 15 minutes, that small checkmark
will appear, and now you switched your mail from Push to Fetch. Well done. So, let’s go back to the main Settings menu
on your iPhone. Back to accounts, back to Settings. And our next iPhone battery life saving tip
is we’re going to take a look at Location Services. Now, Location Services are one of the things
that makes the iPhone so great to use. It’s the GPS. It allows your iPhone to know where it is
in the physical world. So I’m not saying you should turn off Location
Services entirely, because that would just be a drag. Instead, we’re going to identify the Location
Services that are using battery in the background of your iPhone and apps that don’t need to
have Location Services turned on. Perfect. In the Settings app, we’re going to scroll
down to Privacy. Privacy. And then we’re going to tap Location Services. Okay. Now as I said, you can turn off Location Services
at the top. I don’t recommend doing that. Instead, I want you to look through this list
of apps and identify which ones need to know where you are. Ask yourself for each app, “Does this app
need to know where I am?” If the answer is no, turn off Location Services
for that app. Well, I know for sure that Apple Watch Faces
app does not need to know my location, so I tapped on it, and I’m going to tap never. That blue checkmark will appear and now Location
Services is not on for the Apple Watch Faces app. So in the left hand side of the Location Services
Settings that you choose for each app, you’ll see these little arrows sometimes. So let’s take a look at the list of arrows
at the bottom of the screen here, and we’ll start at the bottom one. A gray arrow means that this app has used
your location within the last 24 hours, and remember that that’s going to drain your battery
life. So be aware of those apps. The second one from the bottom is a purple
arrow, and that means that that app is using your location right now. So be careful of those apps, especially if
you see that. And then there’s the hollow purple arrow,
and that indicates geofencing. Geofencing is one of those Location Services
features that lets your iPhone know when it has entered or when it has left a certain
location. So you could say, “Hey iPhone, remind me to
pick up groceries when I leave work today.” And so your iPhone is going to keep track
of where you are and where you work, and as soon as you leave, it’s going to remind you
to go buy groceries. The problem with that is for the feature to
work, your iPhone has to constantly be tracking your location at work. And so this type of Location Services; this
geofencing is the number one offender in my experience of iPhone battery drain. So if you can, I recommend just not using
this feature. So the last place we need to look in this
part of the Settings app is under system services. So go ahead and tap on that. So here we have a list of Location Services
that affect the operating system of your iPhone. For instance, compass calibration, Emergency
SOS, and then there are some nefarious ones here like Location-Based Apple ads, location-based
suggestions for apps, setting time zone. If you’re not traveling through different
time zones, you don’t need to have this on. I recommend going through this list, and turn
off pretty much every one. I’m going to turn off Cell Network Search,
right, Compass Calibration. I’m going to leave on Emergency SOS actually,
in case I need that. Find my iPhone, definitely leave that in case
you lose it. Home kit, I don’t need that. Location-based alerts: Those are the things
when you’re going to leave work, it’ll alert you. Now, a lot of people will ask, “Does this
mean my iPhone will not connect to cell phone networks?” It will still work. Great. So, Apple ads — turn that one off. Suggestions off. Motion calibration and distance? I mean, unless you’re using your iPhone as
a pedometer, you probably don’t need that one. Setting time zone? I’m not traveling. Share my location? Definitely don’t want that one. Wi-Fi calling? I will leave that on, because I use Wi-Fi
calling. And Wi-Fi networking? I’ll turn that one off. Now, another place where battery drain is
hiding is in Significant Locations, which used to be Frequent locations. So tap on that. Face ID confirmation. So your iPhone has the capability of tracking
you everywhere you go. That’s fun. So let’s take a look at your list here. A lot of New York ones. I actually just went on a trip Upstate a little
bit recently, and I got a lot of locations here. Right. But who needs it? Not me. Yeah, we don’t need to keep track of our locations. Let’s turn off significant locations entirely. Tap the switch. Now it’s off. Those locations are gone. Right. Back to system services. So here at the bottom of the menu. we see
product Improvement. This is going to send data from your iPhone
to Apple developers. We don’t need to be doing this. So let’s just turn off iPhone analytics, popular
near me, routing & traffic, and improve Maps. It’s their job to figure that stuff out. We don’t have to waste our battery telling
them that stuff. So that pretty much wraps up Location Services. It’s a long step but it’s really great for
your iPhone’s battery. Let’s go back to the main Privacy menu on
your iPhone for the next tip. So, we’re in privacy now. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see analytics. Tap on that and then share iPhone Analytics:
This means that your iPhone is periodically going to send data about the way that you
use your iPhone to Apple and other app developers so that they can develop fixes. Not something your iPhone needs to be doing
in the background, because it’s doing extra stuff; it’s draining your battery life. So let’s just go ahead and turn that off. Off. Yep. iCloud analytics? Let’s turn that off. And then all these other ones: If you see
it, turn it off. Turn it off. It’s gonna save your battery life. So our next iPhone battery life saving tip
is Close Out Your Apps. Now, this is kind of a controversial topic. A lot of people say it makes a difference. A lot of people say it doesn’t make a difference. As an Apple tech with experience working with
hundreds of iPhones, I can tell you definitively that this does make a difference. And the reason is that sometimes apps don’t
work the way that they’re supposed to. Apps are not perfect. The App Store is not perfect. Developers are not perfect. So what this does is it prevents those problems
from happening. So first we need to open the app switcher
on your iPhone and then close out of the app. So to open the app switcher on iPhone 8 or
earlier, double press the Home button. iPhone X: swipe up from the bottom of the
screen, pause in the center. So now we’re in the app switcher. iPhone 8 and earlier: swipe them up and off
the top of the screen. Yep. iPhone X: Same thing. You have to press and hold first until those
little red minus buttons show up, and then swipe them up and off the top of the screen. You might have 40 apps open. This is going to save your iPhone battery
life, in spite of what other people say. It works. Totally. Our fifth iPhone battery life saving tip is
to turn off the Notifications that you don’t need. So Notifications are those little pop-ups
that appear on your iPhone from time to time. Now, Notifications can sometimes be good,
like text messages. We want to find out when people are sending
us text messages, so we’ll leave Notifications on for that. However, there are other apps that may be
alerting you and they don’t need to be. For Notifications to work, however, that app
needs to be running in the background of your iPhone, just to pay attention to whether it
needs to alert you. So by turning off Notifications for apps that
don’t need to alert you from time to time, you’re gonna save battery life. So I’ll open up the Settings app, scroll down
and tap on Notifications. Now take a look through your list of apps
here. Ask yourself, “Does this app need to be able
to notify me when something happens on my iPhone? Do I need a pop-up alert?” If the answer is no, turn off Notifications
for that app. So let’s go ahead and take a look through
yours. All right, let’s see. I don’t need any notification from the Mr.
Time app. Yep. So when you open this menu, just turn off
allow Notifications at the top. There are ways to customize the Notifications
that you get on your iPhone, but it’s easier just to turn them all off. So just tap back to Notifications of the upper
left-hand corner of the screen. Take a look through this list, and turn off
Notifications for apps that don’t need to notify you from time to time. So what’s our next iPhone battery life saving
tip? Next, we’re going to turn off widgets you
don’t need. Widgets are the little mini apps that run
on your iPhone and give a little snippet of information about what’s going on inside that
app. And how do I get to see which widgets are
running on my iPhone? Well, you can swipe left to right on your
home screen until you reach this menu with a few widgets. I’ve got the batteries widget, ESPN widget,
and the weather widget. To turn off any of these widgets, just tap
that circular edit button and then tap the red minus button next to the widget you want
to remove. Widgets are mini-apps. Like David just said, they’re always running
in the background. By removing these, we’re cutting down on the
number of apps that are running in the background of your iPhone and saving your battery life. Yeah. Just tap remove again, and then tap done in
the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and that weather app widget is gone. It’s gone. Simple. So what’s our next iPhone battery life saving
tip? Our next tip is to turn off your iPhone once
per week. Your iPhone is a computer. It’s a little tiny computer that you carry
around in your pocket. If you were to leave a computer on that’s
plugged into the wall forever, it would slow down eventually. It’s important to turn off your computer and
turn it on every once in a while. Same thing goes for your iPhone. How do we do it? Well, iPhone 8 or earlier, press and hold
the power button until slide to power off appears. Swipe that power icon left to right to shut
down your iPhone. iPhone X is a little bit different. Press and hold the side button and the volume
down button. Slide to power off appears. Slide it. Your iPhone’s off. Wait a few seconds, and turn it back on. So our next is to turn off Background App
Refresh for apps where you don’t need it. Background App Refresh is kind of like Notifications
but it is a little different. It allows your iPhone apps to download new
content in the background, even when you’re not using your iPhone. And that uses your battery life. So let’s head to the Settings app, and then
to General, and then down to Background App Refresh. Tap on that. And now, ask yourself, “Which of these apps
need to be able to download new content in the background of my iPhone when I’m not using
them?” A lot of them for me, honestly. I usually turn off these switches pretty much
every single time. So go through the list and turn it off for
almost all your apps. That’s what I do. That’s what David does. Yup. So our next iPhone battery life saving tip
is: keep your iPhone cool. Apple designed the iPhone to function most
efficiently between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. When you start to go above 95 or below 32,
you can run into problems. So just like your dog, don’t leave your iPhone
in hot car. You should know that extreme heat can damage
your iPhone battery permanently. And that’s no good. Cold temperatures, however, will drain your
iPhone battery temporarily, but it won’t cost any permanent damage. It will come back to life as soon as it warms
up. So be especially careful about hot temperatures. Our next tip is to make sure auto-lock is
turned on. Auto-lock is a feature that turns off the
iPhone screen after a certain amount of time. If you don’t have it turned on, your iPhone
screen can stay on forever in your pocket. That’s no good. Not at all. How do we turn it off? Let’s tap back to General in the upper left-hand
corner, and back to Settings. Then scroll down to Display & Brightness,
and then here we’ll see auto-lock. David has “Never” turned on right now, and
why do you have that turned on? Well, not because we’re doing a screen recording
for this video. But he’s always careful to turn it off after
we do this. I would never leave auto-lock to never in
any other circumstance, except for recording YouTube videos. Never say never — except in this circumstance. So we’ll tap on Auto-Lock and just select
something other than never. I usually choose two to three minutes. It’s a good balance between 30 seconds and
five minutes. I’m more of a two-minute guy myself. Blue checkmark will appear. You’re all set. So our next iPhone battery saving tip is:
Turn on reduce motion. Now the visual effects on your iPhone; and
any gamer will tell you this; are one of the primary reasons why iPhone batteries die so
fast. Your iPhone is a computer, as I said before,
and it has a little graphics processor inside. And that’s what’s responsible for all those
little fancy animations that happen. But every time an animation happens, it’s
draining your iPhone battery. So a lot of the time, we can turn off these
features and you won’t even notice a difference. So, how do we do it David? Well, we’re going to tap the back to display
and brightness and back to Settings. And then we’re going to tap on General, tap
accessibility, tap reduce motion, and turn on the switch next to reduce motion. You’ll know it’s on when it’s green. So David, let’s show them how it works. So I’ll swipe up and go back to the home screen. Right. And instead of having a fancy animation where
the app gets swiped up and animated, it just fades into the background. It doesn’t really affect the way you use your
iPhone, but it can save battery life. I usually leave reduce motion on and I have
never noticed a difference. So our last iPhone battery life-saving tip
is DFU restore your iPhone. Now, before you decide to do this, make sure
you live at the changes that we’ve suggested for at least a few days, because a lot of
the time, you will have fixed the problem just by changing these settings in the Settings
app. However, if your iPhone battery still continues
to die too quickly, you may have a deeply-rooted software problem that only a DFU restore can
solve. A DFU restore removes everything from your
iPhone and then puts it back on again. So make sure you have either an iTunes backup
first or an iCloud backup. Let’s show them how to do an iCloud backup
real quick. Right. Well, let’s open up the Settings app, and
go back to the main Settings page by tapping these back buttons. And then we’re going to tap on my name at
the top of the screen. Obviously, it’s going to be your name on your
iPhone. Unless your name is David Lynch. That’d be a coincidence. Yeah, interesting. Tap iCloud, scroll all the way to the bottom
to iCloud backup. David has this feature turned off. Make sure this is turned on. Make sure that switch is turned on. Start iCloud backup? Okay. So this can take a while. iCloud backups do happen automatically, as
long your iPhone is plugged in overnight, connected to Wi-Fi, and the screen is off. It’s a good feature just to have on. Yeah, and then once that iCloud backup is
set, check out DFU video. There’s a card up above and a link in the
description. So that pretty much wraps up our list of iPhone
battery life saving tips. Now, what should we do if we’ve done all this
stuff; we’ve done the DFU restore and we’re still having a problem? You might be in that 1% that needs their battery
replaced. Go to your local Apple Store or check out
Puls, an on-demand repair company. They’ll send a tech to you and replace your
battery on the spot. But before you do that, make sure you’ve tried
all these tips, because a lot of the time, people pay for these battery replacements
and nothing changes. It’s because it is the software that is causing
this problem! So thank you guys for watching this video. Hopefully your battery is better. Leave us a comment down below if it helped
you out. Give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
and click the notification bell to get an immediate update when we upload a new video.

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