Why I DIDN’T Get an iPad Pro

Why I DIDN’T Get an iPad Pro

(hip hop music) – If you watch my videos, you know that I’m a big fan of Apple and I tend to be an early adopter. I was a proud owner of the original iPod, the first iPhone, first iPad, et cetera. So when Apple announced the
iPad Pro earlier this year, I have to say, I got excited. Not necessarily because I
thought it would change my life, but because it was new and exciting. Obviously, that’s not a good
enough reason to buy a product. Since then I’ve decided that
the iPad Pro isn’t for me, at least not right now and
not in its current form. So I wanted to sit down
and make a quick video just talking about this
decision, why that I decided not to get it, and what
changes Apple could make to the iPad Pro 2 to maybe
persuade me to purchase it. As you might know, I make videos and I spend an obscene number of hours sitting at my desk, editing those videos. So when Apple announced the iPad Pro would have a new A9X
chip that would be able to play back three streams
of 4K videos simultaneously, my ears definitely perked up. I could absolutely imagine a day where I can edit all of my
videos just from an iPad, and be able to take that
with me throughout the day without having to be glued to a desk. I think that that would be awesome. But if you really take a hard look at what the iPad Pro offers,
it becomes pretty clear that that’s not possible yet. While it may technically
be able to play back three streams of 4K video, there is a lot of memory
management involved in working on a 4K project. If you can get past figuring
out how to get the 4K footage onto your iPad, there’s still only a maximum of 128 gigs
of storage on that iPad and you’ve also got other movies, apps, games on there as well, taking up space. Even if you could use the whole 128 gigs, in my experience, that’s
only gonna last you a couple of videos. It won’t even be enough for one video if you’ve shot everything in ProRes. The other issue, is
that the only real video editing software on
the iPad Pro is iMovie. There’s no Final Cut Pro 10 for iPad, there’s no Adobe Premiere for iPad, at least not yet. While iMovie might be
fine for some projects, it definitely lacks some of
the more advanced features that filmmakers are gonna be use to. I still hope for a day
where you can realistically edit videos on the iPad Pro. But for me, right now,
it’s just not there yet. Then the real question becomes, who is the iPad Pro really for? I think maybe a big audience for this is going to be graphic artists. I certainly use a lot
of Photoshop, myself, but I certainly don’t
need a stylus touch screen system to accomplish
what I do on Photoshop. So that’s not a compelling
enough reason for me, personally. The truth is, if I were
to get an iPad Pro, I would use it primarily as
a media consumption device. I watch a lot of YouTube videos, a lot of TV shows, and that big, beautiful retina screen, combined with the four
surround sound speakers, that’s gonna make this
thing a really great device to watch videos and movies on. Sadly, that alone does not
justify the price, for me. The base version is 799. Now I’m not saying I’ll
never get an iPad Pro, I’m certainly open to
having my mind changed. But this time around, I
won’t be an early adopter. Having said that, my
brother was kind enough to lend me his brand new
iPad Pro for the week, so I will be doing a full
review on this on my channel. That’s it for now, guys. I wanna hear what you think. Are you considering getting
one of these for yourself? Please let me know in the comments below. If you’re new to this channel, definitely consider subscribing
and I’ll keep you up to date with all sorts of new fun stuff. Thanks so much, guys. I’ll see you next time.

21 thoughts on “Why I DIDN’T Get an iPad Pro

  1. nice vid.

  2. Fair points. It feels as though Apple hasn't truly thought about who the iPad Pro's target audience is. the software isn't optimised well enough to replace the Macbook. So it is likely going to become a media device. If that's the case, buy and iPad Air 2.

  3. So close to 4000 man!

  4. nah man , im not gonna get one , dont have any money 😀

  5. Great video, the quality of your material is only rising. 🙂
    Will we be seeing any Android device reviews soon?

  6. wait, so you didnt buy it, so how did u film this with it in it?!?

  7. Interesting… I wonder if this means they are going to come out with a portable hard drive..?

  8. Yep. Not sold on the iPad Pro yet. Instead I just see it as the iPad Big. Will wait a few more years to see what they can come up with and then I might consider it. iMovie for iOS is pretty horrible. Pinnacle Studio Pro is a much better app but I bet a mobile FCPX would be better.

  9. To me the iPad pro is too big to be considered portable. Which is what a tablet is supposed to be. I'm more than happy to stick with my iPad Air 2 since it's perfect for normal/school use. Also the iPad pro is way too expensive for what it can offer. Great video!!

  10. You are right, this is not a machine designed for editing video, and a Macbook Pro would be a better choice. It is, however, a superb mobile drawing tablet with the Apple pencil, and that is reason enough for creative types to want one.

  11. Bro… this is top quality stuff, awesome work man. You belong in #teamcrispy

  12. Personally, I would like to see something more OS X like on that iPad, otherwise I could just get the air 2. I don't know, maybe a menu for choosing what OS to use when you boot it, or an hybrid that works for touch screens

  13. Damn, when i saw some of your videos i was wandering why i haven't heard of you since you make so good videos, and then, whaa, 4000subs , i was expecting 4 000 000, here's sub from me, keep up!

  14. Y u no have 1 million subscribers ?

  15. It looks great, but seems to be missing key features that a macbook has.

  16. I'm exciting for the iPad Air 3, meanwhile I'm stilling loving my iPad Air 2. Can't wait for Apple to redesign the future iPad with the iPhone 6/s body resign.

  17. Keep up the great work, bro!

  18. Your production quality is amazing!

  19. Ted! Good perspective on the iPad Pro. I agree, as a video creator, that I'd need more storage before I could rely on the iPad Pro for more consistent video editing. Have you looked at "Filmic Pro" or "Adobe Premier Clip" for iPad as an editing option? Can you put an Amazon affiliate link in the comments for your auto slider, please (if I get one, I'll use that). Keep up the awesome videos.

  20. Hello, what do you think about iPad Pro 9,7"?

  21. u have bright future ahead ..keep posting awesome videos

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