Why Making Apple iPhones in America Is So Hard | WSJ

Why Making Apple iPhones in America Is So Hard | WSJ

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Which one
of these Apple gadgets is the odd one out? Did you get it? The answer is this 2013 Mac Pro. Not because it looks like a trashcan but because it’s the only one
that was assembled in the USA. The others were assembled in China. Why is that important? – Apple makes their product in China. I told Tim Cook, who’s a friend
of mine, who I liked a lot, “Make your product in the United States. “Build those big beautiful plants “that go on for miles, it seems.” – [Narrator] President Trump, who is currently in the midst
of a trade war with China, wants these Apple products
to be more like this one. Actually, he wants them to
be fully made in the USA. But Apple, one of the companies most exposed to the trade war, has one of the largest,
most deeply-integrated global supply chains. So could Apple ever move
production back to the US? – We’ve taxed China on $300 billion worth of goods and products
being sold into our country. – [Narrator] Trump’s threat
of imposing fresh tariffs could drive the cost of Apple’s
iPhone XS up by about $40. Fortunately for Apple, that
tariff has been postponed until December 15th, and an earlier round of tariffs on circuit boards and computer chips has had minimal impact on the company. As China and the US keep
fighting over trade, Apple is already moving
some of its production to avoid tariffs and trade duties, like to India, for example, where many of Apple’s major
suppliers are relocating. That’s no mean feat. The company moved production
out of US years ago, building a global supply network. It lists suppliers in over 25 countries, with some parts made in
China since the early 2000s. – [Tim] The way that I view this is the vast majority of our products are kind of made everywhere. Largely I think that will carry the day in the future as well. – [Narrator] Others before Trump have tried to get Apple to
bring jobs back to America. President Obama reportedly
asked Steve Jobs what it would take to
make iPhones in the US, to which Jobs said, “Those
jobs aren’t coming back.” – Will there be an Apple product ever made again in the United States? – I want there to be. – So will there ever say on
the back of an Apple product, “Designed in California,
assembled in the United States”? – It may. – [Narrator] The company has tried before. Remember that Mac Pro? – It is designed by brilliant
engineers in California and assembled here in the USA. (audience cheers) – [Narrator] A series of debts at its main supplier’s factory raised questions over
working conditions in Asia, so the company invested $100 million to assemble the Mac Pro in Austin, Texas. – The reason the Mac
Pro was made in the US, that’s because it’s a
pretty low-risk product. It’s not making a ton of these. So it could move it here, test, and see if it could do US manufacturing. And if so, then it could
explore the opportunity for other products. – [Narrator] But the
plan in Austin had issues when it came to locally
sourcing enough components for the production of the
Mac Pro, leading to delays. So what did the company do? They imported some of
the parts from China, where manufacturers had capacity
to keep up with demands. – How many tool and die makers
do you know in the US now? I could call a meeting around
the United States and say, “Will every tool and die maker
come to this room tonight?” and we wouldn’t fill the room. In China, you would need several cities. – [Narrator] Recently,
production in the Austin plant has fizzled out. And production of the new Mac Pro– – This is the new Mac Pro. – [Narrator] Has been
relocated back to China, according to people
familiar with the plans. – With the new Mac Pro,
it’s not hard at all to shift production back to China. This is Apple’s playbook, right? They perfected the art of
making things in China. So transitioning the Mac Pro
or any other product to China makes a lot of sense for them. – [Narrator] So what are Apple’s choices if they want to navigate the tariffs? They have three options. Given how expensive and
complex moving out is, Apple may just decide to stay in China and at some point potentially pay tariffs, which would likely make Apple
products more expensive. Or Apple could move
manufacturing, just not to the US. India and Vietnam are
only two of the countries that are hoping to lure
Apple and its suppliers. Finally, the company could
strike an agreement with Trump. – Tim was talking to me about tariffs. And one of the things
that he made a good case is that Samsung is their
number one competitor and Samsung is not paying tariffs because they’re based in South Korea. It’s tough for Apple to pay
tariffs if they’re competing. And I thought he made a
very compelling argument, so I’m thinking about it. – [Narrator] In July, Cook
said tariff exclusions are key for Apple to make
the new Mac Pro in America. – [Tim] That’s what’s
behind the exclusions. So we’re explaining that and
hope for a positive outcome. – [Narrator] We contacted Apple following the latest round of tariffs, but the company declined
to comment further. Apple hasn’t recently moved
any of its manufacturing back to the US, but it says it spent $60 billion with 9,000 US suppliers
and companies last year, supporting 450,000 jobs. They’re even building a new
campus in Austin, Texas, the same city where that Mac Pro is no longer being assembled.

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  2. Tldw; workers have rights in the USA

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  5. Na. They will still buy all the components from China but assemble it in India or elsewhere. This is how they avoid the tariffs. And anyway moving the assembly to the US will only create cheap jobs for migrant workers.

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  11. 'Assembled in' s not the same as 'made in'. Assembled means the product was put together in the US using a bunch of imported hardware made in 3rd world countries. Assembly jobs are the lowest paid of the technical jobs.

  12. If it's easy, Apple would have done it long ago. It's just don't make economic sense.

  13. India is China's new China. It will be even more lucrative to relocate to India.

  14. It’s not only about labor, it’s about rare earth metals and semiconductors. In China the reserve of rare metals is around 44 million tonnes, while in the US the reserve is around 1.4 million tonnes only.

  15. Yeah … bringing low wage, high skill labor back to the USA is a pipe dream. China's rising living standards is also pricing them out of the mass manufacturing game, people are leaving cities and going back to their rural villages and factories are having to import high skill, low wage labor from Vietnamese immigrants to meet the demand from USA/EU … the kind of low wage, high skill labor that the 1st world extreme profit margin businesses need to meet their growth goals is coming from Vietnam, India, Italy and Mexico at the moment (speaking from personal experience).

    Literally no one I know of is moving the kind of mass manufacturing from China to the USA because of Trump's trade wars. They're just moving sideways into other affordable labor markets until he's out of office. China's slowly shifting more towards customized, higher detail manufacturing, which is exactly what we have left over in the US after our living standards got too high to meet the demands of capitalist for-profit businesses.

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    What a wretched argument against moving manufacturing back to the US.

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  23. I think Apple is going to struggle getting a quality product in the USA and even India if they move locations. The US is too complex and in a city like Austin, there’s always another job so why subject yourself to strict working conditions. India is a very different environment. They are not nearly as equipped to handle very expensive products and I think I speak of the rest of us that seeing “Made in India” on an iPhone would look a lot worse than “Made in China”. It would be ideal to have more jobs in America, however these jobs are not jobs for Americans. Americans specialize in a variety of goods. Labor jobs like the ones Apple has the Chinese do, condition wise, were abolished in America, that’s why we have unions. Personally, I think America needs more jobs, but capitalism has afforded us the ability to have a very large percentage of jobs that are high skilled jobs. Our specialty isn’t fast and high volume assembly lines with strict quotas and strict life requirements. Our specialties are generating new streams of global commerce, producing new products to everyday problems. American business has become problem solving, and that’s worth a lot.

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  39. In my opinion this is precisely why we need tariffs. If Samsung makes their products in South Korea, Apple should make their products in the USA. If we can’t compete then we have a much bigger problem! We are no longer on the cutting edge or our trade secrets are being exported out! Protect our intellectual property and cutting edge technology and everyone will want to buy our product even if they are more expensive. You have to produce a better product. Our problem is that we have stopped innovating and instead focused on cutting costs to provide a cheaper product. That’s precisely how Samsung and now China have managed to catch up!

  40. Hi from Hongkong 🇭🇰
    America to greedy its not how much you sell it for Its much product you can move at good price!!
    If it does get made in America you Americans better get prepared to pay double the price!!
    Never buy nothing from America its way overpriced for everything there?

  41. Tim Apple needs to up his game and

  42. And cmon America. Youre among the most developed countries in the world. You don't need factories, or coal mines or shitpits; there are greater jobs that can make more money…

  43. If you look at the prices of Apple, you would actually think that the products are manufactured to high standards, but above all, that the high prices comes from fair and well-paid workers. We all know that, unfortunately, is not so and it is rather reversed, namely that the high cost is not meaningful have about the quality of the product and whether it was made by fairly paid-workers

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    Price tag : $3000 for iphone 11 pro basic model…

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  52. its not hard at all , apple would just get a smaller profit. thats all. Being Greedy wins. Just add a few nets to prevent suicides and you are fine.

  53. With the advancement of AI and economies of scale, it would eliminate outsourcing so companies will eventually move back to the country they’re from.

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  61. It's simple, they don't want to lose the 80-90% margin they have with each product they sell

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  65. So…people who are willing and able to spend $1,000 on a damned PHONE, won’t spend another $40 if it’s made in the USA? Really??

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  68. Why making iPhones in China is so easy:

    Cheap labor

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  79. Because Western people demand to much for very little effort.

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