Why Persona 5 Scramble Switch REALLY Scares Crazy Hardcore PlayStation Persona Fans! | RANT

Why Persona 5 Scramble Switch REALLY Scares Crazy Hardcore PlayStation Persona Fans! | RANT

I finally put two and two together when
it comes to this whole break free persona thing persona 5 scramble
PlayStation hardcore crazy persona fans remember that’s very different from just
somebody who owns a Playstation system and is into persona games we’re talking
about the crazy ones that are out there really yelling and screaming about this
whole persona 5 scramble situation with the Nintendo switch engaging sales in
one region as the doomsday type of scenario that they’re trying to put it
in as and I’ll explain to everybody who’s watching this video and saw the
persona thumbnail saying what is going on oh Jake don’t worry I’ll explain
everything I like to start off explosive with these rant slash videos here but I
finally just kind of put it all together it kind of all moved into place like a
nice perfectly formed jigsaw puzzle but this time it’s what Joker’s face and
with the Nintendo switch and what everything is just coming together
what’s up everybody Oh J here welcome back to another video
where we dig into the details and the facts and the things that really matter
in life like calling out these crazy persona PlayStation fans when they don’t
know what they’re talking about now listen here guys persona 5 scramble
launched recently in Japan and one of the things that kind of was brought up
to my stream every now and then was like oh look people are saying that the game
didn’t sell well heck I saw a huge thread where somebody was trying to
claim that and people who are likening all that but here’s the thing
hardcore PlayStation fans crazy PlayStation persona fans they are scared
to death it scares them it frightens them that persona 5 scrambled is even on
the Nintendo switch in the first place when we found out what exactly persona 5
scramble is which is a direct sequel an actual game not just a warrior’s clone
spin-off but a direct sequel to persona 5 that scared them because they have
this frail image of this fake exclusive that is persona and I say fake exclusive
because nobody can figure out whether there’s some type of school
or whatever the case is there might be there might not be nobody really knows
but whatever the case is right whatever the case is with it they love that
aspect that holds on to them they really want to hold on to that whole persona
exclusive PlayStation and once again I’ll say this because I don’t care I
don’t give a damn if Shin Megami Tensei is on PlayStation or if it’s on Xbox or
whatever the case is I don’t care it can come to whatever systems I just want the
game to come out so if you want to throw that down in the comment section and we
can cut that out right now at this point so hear me out on this one guys they are
scared to death of it because that is the closest thing that we’ve ever seen
to a mainline persona game and I’m talking about persona 5 scramble that is
the closest thing that we’ve seen to a mainline persona on anything outside of
PlayStation is persona 5 scramble it is its own RPG with the main characters
from persona 5 that look all the same and the same voice acting and gameplay
that would be of a new persona title but just not turn-based but action RPG and
it’s a direct sequel the same type of ties and themes and if you played
persona 5 you’re gonna know some things from this one so that’s the reason why
they were a hell-bent on making sure that this game or trying to put out the
fake narrative that persona 5 scramble flopped and atlas didn’t do any more on
the system because they’re afraid of losing that exclusivity they think that
oh well because I’m going to say this and I can put these false thoughts out
there because obviously that’s silly which I already talked about before in a
previous video but we’ll talk about it again it’s very silly because Atlas is
actually making good money off of the Nintendo switch with persona 5 scramble
they are really upset about that that scares them because they see that they
can potentially lose especially if you start combining what’s happening but
persona 5 scramble what’s happening with Atlas saying hey Nintendo fans tell us
that you want it and putting out surveys there in terms of where they want it’s
in the mix persona game they see it as the end of PlayStation persona
exclusivity they see that as the end and they want to try to justify well no see
look it needs to stay on PlayStation persona 5 scrambles so like crap there’s
no point in bringing it over so this is stupid on many many many ways so let’s
break down the first reason why that is a dumb statement one
it’s in one region okay it’s from one region it’s not worldwide okay so it’s
in one region the game sold I think 46,000 plus units on the Nintendo switch
not including digital where it was number five or up so we can say that the
game probably sold over 50,000 units on the Nintendo switch in the first week
I’m not a mathematician or anything but that’s millions of dollars in revenue
going into atlases pockets okay men’s dollars revenue and I’m thinking at this
game since it was made by Omega force who already has an engine nice and
running on the Nintendo switch and I’ve worked with the system development
didn’t cost too much for them to get it over there on the system so they
probably made a good amount of money off of it just with that and that’s only in
Japan now let’s talk about another thing here if the game isn’t on switch it’s
not like it’s gonna sell a lot more on the PlayStation 4 or anything like that
I mean maybe there’ll be a little bit of people who decided to buy it on the
Nintendo switch instead of the ps4 but we’ve seen with previous games like God
Eater and sort our online fatal bullet and all these other games that came over
from portable systems to consoles and have like a ps3 and a PS Vita version or
a ps4 and a PS Vita version when they ditched the PS Vita version it doesn’t
sell a lot more on the ps4 it just sells less overall so basically what the
Nintendo switch is doing it’s supplementing that normal PS Vita income
that you saw with other games like God Eater and all that and you’re getting
that with the Nintendo switch so maybe it doesn’t beat out the main platform
which it didn’t the ps4 version of persona 5 scramble sold more but that
doesn’t mean it was a bad idea considering they made literally millions
off just that right there in Japan with persona 5 scrambles selling probably
50,000 units plus in that first week and it’s still going and like I said it’s
still going 50,000 units that’s actually more than what Bayonetta 1 and 2 the
remaster did on the Nintendo switch that’s actually more than what astral
chained in on the Nintendo switch that’s actually more than what a lot of games
debut on when it comes to the Tendo switch from third-party companies so why
would they be upset with that why is that such a bad thing and on top of that
here’s what also makes this whole thing just really silly and stupid is you
don’t know the development cost if you don’t know the development cost of the
Nintendo Swiss version of why trying to tell a multi-million dollar
company oh it’s not worth it you’d have to know the cost of the development so
then you can say oh we didn’t make our money back so that means it wasn’t a
good investment but if you don’t know the cost of development why are you
saying that it wasn’t good enough or it didn’t sell enough you don’t know how
much it costs to develop and chances are based on what we’ve seen from other
games and how much those costs to pour over especially with a company like
Omega force or Co a tecmo who did this who already have an engine up and going
on the Nintendo switch and have plenty of development I’m guessing things
weren’t really rocky at all and it ain’t really cost them too much from what they
were doing already on the PlayStation 4 so why are people trying to sit there
and tell me and tell other people that it’s not worth it look it’s all bad when
you don’t even know the cost they could be making tons of money off this which
version of it and once again it’s only in Japan this game is eventually going
to come out for the rest of the world and I said this before with astral chain
stop gauge and everything on just Japan Japan is one region where it doesn’t
even have the most switches the most switches are actually in the western
territories if you combine all the rest of the West right when you got the rest
of everything you got Europe and you also got the US and the u.s. is the main
market personified scramble is going to sell a lot more in the US than it did in
Japan because there’s a lot more systems here in the US than there are in Japan
there’s just more people that have the switch here there’s just more people in
general that are playing games so games usually pretty much most of the time
outsell even if it’s a Japanese game outsell what they do in Japan over here
in the US here in the US they sell way more this goes for so many other games
we saw this with astral Cheng when everybody tried to say that it was a
flop and it didn’t sell enough oh then it’s little remilia eunice give it some
time I don’t know why people are so quick to jump the gun or do I know why
people are so quick to jump the gun people are so quick to jump the gun
because they have this fanboy mentality that this is playstation and I think
that if I say this enough people are actually gonna believe me and Atlas is
gonna listen to what I have to say and I’m gonna have my exclusive persona
PlayStation franchise because I love PlayStation that’s really what it is
with this because I’ve never seen this type of talk when it comes to other
quote unquote spin-offs of persona persona q1 and
sonic you to those sales numbers came out for the Nintendo 3ds and I didn’t
hear people getting all crazy about those and saying see look this is the
reason why persona shouldn’t come to Nintendo platforms because of persona q
sales right nobody ever said anything like that but for sona v scramble scares
the hell out of them because it’s an actual sequel to the main line persona
game it’s not some type of weird side thing like persona q games are so that
just stares them along with the Atlas surveys and along with the Nintendo’s
which literally just drumming every other system on the market right now
when it comes to Japanese sales no other system is even close they don’t want
Atlas saying oh snap like maybe we should go on the Nintendo switch and I
think that’s also a fear two of them may be saying it’s just gonna be exclusive
to switch but that’s just more of the crazy line fanboys that are probably
thinking that in the back of their mind but at the end of the day I think Atlas
is gonna do what’s best for the company I think that they will at the end of the
day and if you look at the sales numbers and if you look at what’s going on
obviously you would be good to bring the game over to Nintendo’s switch you have
the break free persona campaign obviously there’s passion there I’m not
sitting here and seeing that I’m gonna say like go and tweet and tag Atlas and
do all that I didn’t do that at all I’m simply explaining the situation and what
I’m seeing from illogical and from a business standpoint these crazy
PlayStation dues that are sitting there and saying this flop personified
scramble and they shouldn’t dump the switch because of this y’all got no
merit and no understanding of business whatsoever just stick to playing your
persona games alright then actually talking about business because that’s
ridiculous to sit there and say that Atlas wouldn’t be happy with 50 K Plus
when the game sold a hundred and something plus K on an established base
of the PlayStation 4 you sell an additional 50 K plus and it’s going to
keep on going in the first week then you have the rest of the world to look at
when games like astral chain which is a Japanese hardcore type of RPG or action
game or like action game with RPG elements when that sells over 1 million
because of the big install base in the West yeah you’re gonna want to release
your game on there too so you can get those sales as well so to me it makes
absolutely no sense what these people are saying but I finally put all of the
pieces together and put this video for you guys because this is really what’s
happening here people are upset with it but you know it’s kind of died down
right it’s not quite as big but I think the big break
free persona campaign more and more people have been watching it more and
more people have been jumping on that boat but I think at the same time
Atlas knows what they need to do I think the writing is on the wall that’s what
scares people that’s what scares these hardcore crazy PlayStation fans not
PlayStation fans I just like persona and like the play it on ps4 I’m not talking
about you guys okay so I don’t wanna hear any of you guys in there and saying
that I’m trying to call them up no talk about the crazy dudes that are sitting
here make it up junk math make it up all types of sales warrior stuff when they
have no idea what they’re talking about but have no idea of budgets or any but
they’re trying to sit here and say that this is a flop or that or anything like
that nah you don’t have access to that type of knowledge and you’re not even
putting out any math in there to even back up what you’re saying
all right so that’s my thought process for this video guys so what did you guys
think about what I had to say here let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here check out the
link in the description we’ve got Twitter go ahead and give us a follow on
there stay up to date on all the latest gaming information and news also make
sure you like comment and subscribe and share the video if you can thank you
guys so much for watching and we’ll catch you for the next one peace

84 thoughts on “Why Persona 5 Scramble Switch REALLY Scares Crazy Hardcore PlayStation Persona Fans! | RANT

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    And then ps4 fans "motive" to not want it out, just to give a lesson to nintendo when a lot of ps fans haven't even played.
    At the end both are equally toxic the true means of one is I want ps4 to lose one of it's Best esclusives and the others are like they don't deserve our beloved game exclusivity.

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    Personally, I'd love to see the EO games come over to a another system, the Switch would be a no-brainer due to it's touch screen, but it might work on PS/XB with a companion app. 🙂

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