Why the Nokia revival is in trouble (and how to fix it)

Why the Nokia revival is in trouble (and how to fix it)

If you’ve been following my channel for a
while now, you probably know I’m generally very excited about the return of the Nokia brand. I have the Nokia 9 as my main phone right now phone, I had the 7 Plus before that, I loved it, I’ve talked about the Banana phone, about the success of the
business and I’ve generally been very positive about the company. But in the last couple of months I’ve started
to get a little worried about them. So, in the 47th episode of The Story Behind
series, let me explain why. And thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this
video. The first 500 students to use the link in
the description below will get 2 months of premium access for free. Since the revival of the Nokia brand, their
phones have always been a little rough at launch. My 7 Plus launched with multiple bugs including
Spotify and Google Maps that would randomly crash for example and the internet is filled
with people complaining about similarly random bugs in early software. But I’ve always cut them some slack. They were a new company, they had to figure
out and optimize their processes first and they launched a big portfolio right away so
they had lots of devices to support. Plus they do fix their bugs eventually, so
I thought it was OK as long as things improved. But the problem is, as the company grew, things
haven’t really improved. In fact, they actually seem to have gotten worse. HMD Global, the company behind the revival
of the Nokia brand has not slowed down with releasing new devices, which means they now
have 22 smartphones to support. That’s without even counting the regional
variants and feature phones, and as you can imagine, the company hasn’t matured fast enough
to handle this new level of complexity. Remember, unlike most phone manufacturers,
HMD Global does keep all of their Android One devices updated for 3 years, so that’s
a lot of devices to take care of. Though Nokia still outperforms most manufacturers significantly in delivering updates quickly, they have started missing their own deadlines,
there was recently a report of a major security screwup where a batch of phones mistakenly sent sensitive
user data to an activation server that they shouldn’t have, and new devices still get
released with buggy software. Case in point, the Nokia 9, which is so buggy,
it actually prompted me to make this very video. This was supposed to be the crown jewel of
the company. A limited edition device with a ridiculous
5 camera setup that was created to generate hype and great headlines and get people to
start taking the Nokia brand seriously as a maker of high end stuff, not just a brand
for solid mid-rangers. And while I do actually like the phone overall
for its gorgeous design, the clean stock Android, and so on, this phone is incredibly unfinished. Especially the camera, the one feature that
actually should have blown people away right from the start. Just look at the reviews. Most of them range from a straight up “don’t
buy it” to a more generous “wait until it gets updates”. I’m in the second camp, because occasionally the phone does take great photos,
which makes me think software updates can eventually make this a great phone, but the amount of bugs and slow processing and
inconsistent results are not excusable for a phone that’s actually been shipping to people
for a good while now. Which is stupid. This phone had the potential to be a big PR
victory for Nokia and instead they botched the launch and got a PR “meh” at best. Ugh. Add to the buggy launch software that the
company just has so many devices that it is unable to create any clear differentiation
between them, and has a naming strategy which makes it even harder to figure out how these
phones relate to each other, and you are left with a device portfolio that’s a bit of a
mess to say the least. Both of the buggy launch devices and the confusing
portfolio appear to be coming from the exact same problem. A management team that has prioritized
launching many new devices as possible instead of launching a few very good phones. And apparently, these issues have started
impacting the business as well. Starting with sales figures. If we look at the overview that Nokiamob has compiled,
we can see that after a meteoric rise in their first year, growth has essentially flatlined. To be clear, it’s still very impressive of
a 2 year old company to sell over 17 million phones a year, that’s way more than brands
like Google, OnePlus or Sony managed to sell, but it appears that HMD Global’s growth has
hit a pretty hard ceiling in 2018. Nokia is entering new markets like the US
where they partnered with big carriers, which might bring them a much needed boost, but
in many existing markets, especially Europe, they have actually started losing market share already. And here comes the real trouble. On the company rating website Glassdoor, where
HMD has a pretty terrible rating of 2.2 starts, multiple employees claim the business is now
under extreme pressure with multiple reports of people getting fired and downsizings throughout
the organization, especially in Europe. Similarly, HMD Global’s most influential partner,
FIH, which is currently the exclusive manufacturer of the new Nokia phones, has announced that they lost 368 million Dollars
in 2018 from the Nokia handset business as their margins continue to get squeezed due
to the tough competition. FIH will therefore start refusing to manufacture
Nokia models it deems unprofitable, forcing HMD to either cut down on the new models or
find alternative manufacturing partners. Given that FIH is a subsidiary of Foxconn,
the largest electronics manufacturer in the world making stuff for just about every consumer
electronics company on the planet, this is likely a huge blow to HMD. So the huge positivity we’ve seen around the
business last year seems to have faded quite a bit. Now, to be clear, none of what I’ve just said
means that Nokia is doomed, or even that hard times are unique to the Nokia smartphone brand. Almost every mobile brand apart from maybe Huawei and Xiaomi had a rough year as global smartphone sales are declining and competition is intensifying,
and HMD, even with these troubles still pulled off a 120 percent growth year
over year, becoming now the 9th biggest smartphone maker in the world. But it is clear that their breakneck growth
has started grinding to a halt at the end of this year and the company has run into
some serious challenges with supply, product pipeline and software development. And I think there are two main factors to
blame here. First, the “oh look, Nokia is back” factor
seems to be gone for the most part and the brand loyalists like me, who were really excited about the return of the Nokia brand have already bought their Nokia phones. HMD Global now has to convince people beyond
just the brand loyalists and has to compete directly against newer companies like Xiaomi and Huawei, and older incumbents like Apple and Samsung. And that, as we know, is a hell of a task for any smartphone maker. And two, as I said before, the management
team got a little too excited about expanding rapidly. They have too many devices and tried to enter
China, India, a bunch of other Asian countries, Europe, Africa and now even the US all within
2 years. That’s insane and just seems a little too
much for the company to handle. The weird naming, the buggy launch devices,
the issues with software quality control and so on, they all point towards an organization that’s
just stretched a little too thin. In other words, after the huge initial success,
I think HMD has hit a bit of a roadblock and needs to reevaluate its strategy. Looking at the business from the outside,
it appears to me that they should reduce the number of models they launch and instead focus
on making those few models better. They should make a few phones like the Nokia
9 with unique value propositions and make them great straight out the gate instead of
launching a tons of buggy devices that don’t really manage to stand even from their own
crowded line-up. The good news is that if the brand manages
to focus, I really believe they can turn things around and return to the fast growth trajectory
they were on just last year. After all, they have plenty of building blocks
necessary for success. A beloved, unique brand, exclusive partnerships
with some of the world’s best companies like Zeiss, and a promising Android One software strategy. Until then, I’ll be sticking with my Nokia
9, and I’ll be sure to share news of software updates and loads of camera samples, so if
you want to see those things, be sure to follow me on Twitter and on Instagram. This phone is all about taking pictures in
RAW and then editing them in post in a program like Lightroom, which is not something I’m
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100 thoughts on “Why the Nokia revival is in trouble (and how to fix it)

  1. Hey! We have tried a few new things for this video:
    – New thumbnail style
    – New animation style
    – Dark product shots (seen with the Nokia 9)
    – New music
    Let me know how you like these things. Happy to hear what you liked and also what you think we should improve going forward!

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    I am using the Nokia 7 plus and it is very buggy
    My Nokia 7 plus only became stable after multiple updates in May 2019. That's a long time considering the fact that I bought this thing since April 2018.
    And right now, my Camera became worse in Android Pie update than it was in Oreo. The Nokia community is SHITTY cuz they don't even pay attention to customer review.

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    They treat their customers like beta testers and surprising to see that they haven't learned from their mistakes at all..

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