Why You Should Buy Nokia 5.1 Plus / X5 In 2019 – Android 9 Pie Update Review

Why You Should Buy Nokia 5.1 Plus / X5 In 2019 – Android 9 Pie Update  Review

Hey guys it’s Eric Here and this is my review
of Nokia 5.1 Plus also known as Nokia X5 if you’re buying from China. Before we begin, let me quickly show you my
unboxing.This one is actually the Chinese variant and costs a lot less. I got it on
Jumia express and it delivered in 2 days. More about this later. In the box you have
the device all wrapped on plastic. Let’s take out the plastic. It’s a really cute phone. Underneath that you have an envelope that
houses the Sim ejector tool that’s enclosed in tape, some user guide and specification
manual all in Chinese only. Also tucked away in a separate compartment is your 5v 2amp
charger and USB type C cable On the front you have a 5.89inch HD+ IPS LCD
display with 720 by 1520 resolution which makes it a 19 by 9 aspect ratio. On top of
that display you have a notch that houses an 8 megapixel camera and speaker. On the back, you have a 13 + 5 megapixel camera
with flash and a fingerprint sensor. On the left you have a hybrid sim tray that
houses 2 4G LTE nano sims or 1 SIM and 1 SD card On the right you have your power button and
volume rocker keys. On the top you have a 3.5mm headphone jack
and a microphone. On the bottom you have a speaker, a USB type
C port and a noise cancellation microphone. Setting it up was easy, first things first
was to change the language to my preferred language and it’s all about the usual steps
from there. Now let’s talk about design. You have a
glass back and plastic frame. There’s a curve to the glass on the front and the back
that meets the plastic frame in between. This leaves no sharp corners. It looks and feels
really really good in the hand and though there’s no stated gorilla glass protection
on this guy, i am considering never getting a case. The only thing that is tacky about
the design is that Nokia branding on the chin. It is also very portable in the hand and relatively
light About the display, it is only a HD+ IPS LCD
display but it is not a bad display and to be honest, I don’t even know anyone who
would knock a 720P display on a phone at this price. Colors are vivid, it’s bright outdoors,
it’s responsive to the touch, it can get to extremely dim levels which is great for
reading at night. Also, there is no screen bleeding. Now if you’re the type to stream
1080P videos on youtube or else where, this won’t be able to do that. But i’m guessing
most people on a budget don’t have that type of data to burn anyway. Here’s what
the speaker sounds like. The Nokia 5.1 Plus ships with Android 8.1
Oreo but the Android 9 Pie update was sitting waiting for me and so i installed it after
some days. It runs as smooth as the Oreo and I haven’t noticed any unique bugs.  Now
for those of you not familiar with Android One, it usually gets support for at least
2 years which means that we’re likely going to get the Android 10 update pushed and pretty
early too. This does comes in 32gigs storage with 3gigs of RAM and there’s also a 64Gigs
storage variant with 4 gigs of RAM. Other things worth noting about android one
is that some of your much loved screen record and scroll shot features are missing from
its quick settings. You do however get night light which i leave on all the time. You also
have the an option to hide the notch for the notchophobic minority. You get double tap
to wake. Ambient display features may actually might come in handy for some. The face unlock
is super super super fast but sadly mostly fails when you’re backing the light source
or when it’s dark.  The fingerprint sensor is my go to unlock method coz it is fast,
reliable and hardly fails on this guy. About the camera. The entire interface was
alien to me but i soon found out that there are a ton of features in here including that
picture in picture mode,  portrait mode and manual mode for the front and back camera.
In terms of the output, this is where the Nokia 5.1 Plus actually gives you exactly
what you pay for. it is a respectable camera for it’s price but don’t expect the same
quality of pricier budget phones like Huawei Y9 2019 and the TECNO Camon 11 Pro. Where
i think the camera does better is with exposure levels and i like the fact that you can edit
the bokeh intensity after taking the photo. It can record videos in 1080P and also shoots
slow mo. The  12 nanometer Hello P60 processor is
still a some what underrated midrange chipset and i’m not sure why. It is impressive how
cool this CPU ran the every days app i threw at it. You also get a slightly higher clock
speed of 2.0GHZ on the Chinese variant. When it comes to games like PUBG, Mali G72
GPU runs games like PUBG noticeably smoother than it’s predecessor, the Mali G71 which
ships with the much pricier Samsung A7 2018 which i reviewed. It also didn’t get any
hotter than usual during gaming. I uploaded a speed test versus the Samsung A7 2018 which
i really think you should see. Also let me know if you wish to see a separate
gaming review on max settings in the comments. About Battery life, i got an impressive 11
hours Screen On Time on this guy and for a 3060mAh battery no doubt. I was connected
to WiFi the whole time and you may get significantly less screen on time on 4G network. Be that
as it may, this phone should get you through a full day of medium usage. 
There’s no fast charging on here and It took about 2 hours and 12 minutes for a full
charge. Now, here’s why you should buy the Nokia
5.1 Plus in 2019. Not only are you getting a nice feeling glass sandwich hardware at
this price but you’re also getting the smoothest Android One software, a USB type C port and
a 12 nanometer processor that handles apps like a champ.That being said, it may not be
ideal for people with very large hands, who are used to plus sized phones as they may
find it a bit flimsy to handle especially without a case. I for one am a fan of compact
phones and i hope brands don’t give up on mid-range phones with this form factor. The Nokia 5.1 Plus is priced at N47,000 naira
for the 32Gigs variant which converts to $130 US dollars and it’s available Jumia Nigeria
but there’s a catch. What you get for that price is really the X5 with Global ROM flashed
on to it and it doesn’t support MTN 4G or Glo 4G bands. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did,
give it a thumbs up and share it. Also follow me on twitter and Instagram to check out my
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