Working with iPad® Offline Mode

Working with iPad® Offline Mode

This video covers setting up offline
mode, synchronizing your data, and switching between online and offline mode. Before
you can begin working offline, you need to adjust
your offline settings. The first part of offline setup is to adjust
which data should be synced. We’ll take a look later on at how to
sync report data for offline use. In this example, all appointments from
last week and for the next two weeks will be synced to your iPad®. And we’ve maximized the number of
phone calls to be synchronized. You don’t need to work with visits while
offline, so let’s switch those off. Other items, like contacts or tickets, are only on
and off switches, so you get either all items or no items synced to your iPad. Once you’re finished with your data
settings, you need to create an offline password. The offline password is used to
encrypt and access stored data. Once you confirm your offline password, you can download the system
data to your device. This may take several minutes to complete, depending on how much data you have in the
system. The “Sync Now” button changes to a progress indicator while the
data transfer is under way. It’s important to note that if you need
to change your offline password for any reason, you must first delete any stored data,
since your offline password is used as the encryption key. After the initial sync is complete, you can switch to offline mode. Note that the bar at the top of
the screen changes to red to indicate you’re working in offline mode. Not all item types are supported in
offline, so depending on how your system is configured, you may see a subset of your online
views while working offline. Let’s open an item
to view the details. One other indicator that you’re working in
offline mode is that the item detail tabs are arranged vertically on the side, rather than horizontally across the top.
You can also edit items while working offline. Let’s change the sales phase
for this opportunity. Next, let’s add an appointment. You can also create new
items while working offline … for example, a sales quote. Let’s add some more details. Next, let’s add a product to the sales quote. When you’re looking at item lists, you’ll
see this indicator on items that have been created or modified while working offline. All of these changes are stored
on-device until you sync them again. When you’re ready, you can
switch back to online mode. You may need to enter your system
password. Now that you’re online again, it’s time to upload the changes
you made while working offline. Again, depending on the amount
of data you have to sync, this could take a few minutes. As
we can see, the changes you made offline show up in the system. Let’s take a look at how to sync
report data for offline use. While you’re working
online, go to “Reports”. If you haven’t already set one up, you’ll
be prompted to set an offline password before you can view reports. By adding a report to the worksheet,
you’re storing the data on your device. This automatically makes it available
for viewing while working offline. Let’s switch to the
table view of the report data. To open another report, just swipe up at the
edge of the worksheet and then add the other report. To switch between reports,
tap “My Worksheets”. Let’s return to the main app and switch
to offline mode to verify the reports are still accessible. Here’s the last report we had open. Let’s
check that the other report is here too. Okay. Let’s review a few key
points about working with the iPad offline mode. Remember, choose “Offline
Setup” to adjust your data synchronization settings and to create your offline password. Delete
stored data if you need to reset your offline password. You need to download data for your reports
separately from the rest of your data. Thanks for watching.

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    How to use offline mode!
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