Xiaomi Mint Launcher on Any Android Device ft. Nokia 5.1 Plus!

Xiaomi Mint Launcher on Any Android Device ft. Nokia 5.1 Plus!

hello guys how are you doing? this is abhishek today in this video i am going to tell you how can you use xiaomi’s mint launcher on any android device ft. nokia 5.1 plus so guys xiaomi just released this and this is not even available on playstore but you can downlode this from the video’s description so first you have to downlode from the description below and install it on your phone as you can see when you have installed this on your phone you just have to set this as default lancher and you can see i am using this in my nokia 5.1 plus then you just have to enable all the neccessary permissions to the app then you will greeted with your homescreen like this on the top you will have a search bar obviously you can remove it like this then you also have a clock widget on home screen also a cleaner button for ram cleaning and this is how the animation looks like when scroll between pages it look very smooth when you hold your home screen then you will see more options first let’s go to the app drawer this is how the app drawer looks like as you can see it says mint launcher it looks lot like poco launcher but it doesn’t have that color sort option we have a search bar at the bottom where you can search any app you want and it will also show playstore results there we don’t have any catogories enabled by default this is very simple and fast launcher we don’t have many features here you can change more setting like transition by holding on homescreen but we have limited transitions but you found on poco launcher we have options like lock home screen layout, fill empty cells, set as default, hide apps we have hide apps where you can hide your apps by pattern and fingerprint for hidding your apps you have to go the app drawer and swipe from the left to the right two times then you just have enter pattern or fingerprint to lock the apps you just have to select the app in app lock for hidding and it will be hidden if you want to access that app again you just have to go to the app drawer and follow the same left, right way to access then we also have more settings like icon packs, customise layout, app suggestion, group apps automatically group apps automatically option is similer to the poco launcher so guys those all are the features that are present in this launcher it is very fast and simple launcher and it will run smoothly on lower ram devices so guys that’s it for this video if you enjoyed it do give it a thumbsup and subscribe to my channel for future videos i hope to see you in my next video take care guys

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