Xiaomi redmi 5 plus vs Nokia 6 (2018) speed comparison test

Xiaomi redmi 5 plus vs Nokia 6 (2018) speed comparison test

hello and welcome guys today we are
going to do the spit comparison test between these two devices left hand side
we have Nokia 6 2018 version and right hand side we have xiaomi redmi 5 plus so
let’s check the settings and the details once again to make sure what kind of
things we are getting inside these devices so here you guys can see it has
snapdragon 625 processor and this one has Snapdragon 630 processor and if we
go inside the devices you guys can see it has entered Oreo 8.0 and this one has
Android 7.1.2 and MIUI version you guys can see over
here it’s 9.2 stable and this is here nine point two point three –neck –neck
and you guys can see it’s here Android security patch 12 the December 2017 and
this one has Android security patch I think fast February 2018 as I have seen
yeah guys 2018 so this one is really updated when it comes to xiaomi redmi v
plus ok guys now let’s check the speed by restarting both of these devices so
here redmi 5 plus reboot option here and this is Nokia 6 2018 so on my count one
two three so guys this one is still not yet out so let’s see I think redmi 5
plus you can buy from some Chinese website and Nokia 6 also you guys can
buy from some Chinese website but it’s not officially out yet for the global so
we still have to wait for some days now let’s see which one comes first so this
both devices have Snapdragon processor this one has some dragon 630 and this
one has some dragon 625 so let’s see Nokia just make little noise right now
so Nokia comes fast here you guys can see and followed by xiaomi redmi v plus
so that’s pretty impressive guys so when it comes to the restarting nokia is
still rocking now let’s open some app that we used to use in our daily life
and let’s see the speed in real time guys okay so snapchat nokia
comes fast followed by Xiaomi that’s bit impressive word
nokia comes first followed by Xiaomi as for eight so let’s see
it’s from Gameloft and how it’s coming guys
so that would be really amazing it’s really battle between Sam tagging so
which on which are OH Xiaomi came here first you guys have seen that’s pretty
really impressive wow I’m so pleased about the performance because here we
have Snapdragon 625 processor and it’s beating Snapdragon 630 so let’s see for
the next option or SEP so Nokia is here and then crawl it’s really responsive
sometime you have guys seen the thing okay now let’s open onto the benchmark which one nokia comes first followed by
Xiaomi but you guys can see the score difference over here it has 76,000 and
it has 69 thousand so that’s that’s really hey something different now
Instagram this one comes first followed by Xiaomi so that’s pretty impressive
guys Drive Nokia comes fast here in this case followed by Xiaomi ok that’s really
impressive now let’s change that devices here and here that would be good I guess
so now Twitter so Nokia here comes fast guys calendar Nokia comes fast ok
Facebook Shami comes fast guys followed by Nokia
Wow messenger Xiaomi comes first followed by Nokia Wow here Chum is
really rockin in this case so in here in Nokia we have seen the snapchat word or
some other apps that was pretty fast but when it comes to game or a bit heavy
application Chum is really rockin so now let’s check this my device nokia comes
first followed by Xiaomi and if we go to sensors guys here you guys can see nokia
has 42 sensors and in xiaomi it has 40 sensors that’s pretty huge amount of
sensor and it’s really amazing the ng male so nokia comes first followed by
Xiaomi again here then maps Nokia comes first followed by Xiaomi and the asphalt
extreme let’s see which one comes fast because uh oh nokia started loading and
that Xiaomi is behind of 8 so which one comes first
Oh Xiaomi here guys you have seen so that’s that’s really amazing guys
snapdragon 625 processor has really power when it’s loading game so you guys
have seen has fired eight or as for extreme or a little bit heavy
application like facebook also Xiaomi is opening really good then YouTube Nokia
comes fast forward by Xiaomi Wow then Play Store it’s kind of same guys ok
guys now let’s download and install an app simultaneously and let’s see which
one comes fast for example this on solando then install here I would click
then proceed and install all together on my count one two three so you guys can
see it’s 22 MV 21 in bits little bit less here but it’s not a big deal is
connected to the same Wi-Fi now let’s see which one comes first so Xiaomi
finished and installing Nokia also finished installing so Xiaomi here come
fast for a bite Nokia so that’s pretty impressive now let’s
see which one has better RAM management when it comes to the ramp now let’s see
snapchat no both are loading guys whatsapp this one didn’t load this one
loaded on to the benchmark both are loading guys then Chrome both
are loading guys okay Drive both are loading guys Wow let’s check
this game as far a t’ if it’s here or not no guys both are loading both are
loading that’s that’s not good so RAM management is kind of you guys
can see so yeah and then s what extreme if it’s in its memory Oh so this one you
guys can see it has in its memory so that’s that’s pretty impressive only one
game and then YouTube Oh YouTube this one is here but in red me fight class
it’s loading guys so that’s that’s a really big deal then Play Store it has
in its memory it loaded little bit guys so you guys can see and guys I have
tried to clean these devices on the same time human finger so you guys can
understand and I open this apps before so there is no way of catches guys so I
hope you guys can easily understand now the difference between both of these
devices I hope this really helps you a lot to choose your devices for the
future so thanks a lot guys for watching don’t forget to subscribe see you guys
in my next videos till then take care and peace in

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