Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 vs Nokia 5.1 Plus (X5 Speed and RAM Management Comparison review

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 vs Nokia 5.1 Plus (X5 Speed and RAM Management Comparison review

hey guys it’s Eric here and this is a
speed and RAM management comparison between the Nokia 5.1 plus aka the x5
and xiaomi redmi note 7 this video is based on request let’s take a look at
all the relevant specs for this test and start with the boot up test the redmi
note 7 booted up first in 28 seconds with the Nokia x5 common in three
seconds Anita I closed all the running apps before this test let’s begin with
Twitter pretty much a draw is the ground x5 open Instagram faster Facebook note 7
open Facebook faster snapchat x5 open snapchat faster Play Store x5 open play
store faster YouTube x5 open YouTube faster Geekbench pretty much a draw we
have a higher single core score on the note 7 and a slightly higher multi-core
score on the nokia X file enter two benchmarks pretty much a draw we get
higher antutu scores on the redmi note 7 skipping the game’s row for now Snapseed
note 7 open Snapseed faster camera x5 open camera faster messages pretty much
a draw settings not seven open settings slightly faster speed test pretty much a
draw test that both on the same network and we have higher download speeds on
the x5 and high upload speeds on the note 7 jamia up not seven open jamia app
slightly faster and now the RAM management test both kept return memory
both kept Instagram in memory both kept Facebook in memory note seven closed
snapchat note seven closed Playstore note seven closed YouTube both closed
Geekbench it appears that geek bench has crashed on the redmi note 7 for some
reason moving on nokia x5 closed and two two benchmarks note seven closed
Snapseed note seven closed the camera up note seven closed messages the both kept
settings in memory both closed speedtest and junior apps and now let’s test some
games let’s begin with Smash Hits x5 open smash is slightly faster pop gx5
open pop g faster so preserve x5 open so preserve faster Temple Run 2 x5 open
Temple Run 2 faster let’s see they both kept all four games running both closed
smash hit both closed pop G not seven closed Sabri soft and they both kept
temperature running in the background now this test isn’t scientific but it’s
obvious that both of these have very similar speeds while me UI isn’t as
fluid as the Android one or the Nokia it does Park features which I personally
think every phone should have and having to download a third-party app to do
basic things like scream record might be a deal breaker for some me UI’s RAM
management isn’t all that great and the three gig ram variants especially closes
your apps in the background quite quickly in order to save battery in
terms of beauty quality they may look alike on the outside but the Gorilla
Glass 5 protection on the red minute 7s display and back makes it a hell of a
lot more durable I believe in a link to my knife scratch test in the description
box for those who are yet to see it also the screen of the redmi note 7 is
bigger with a higher Full HD Plus display pushing more pixels
per inch the notch is smaller which leaves more screen real estate for your
media consumption the redmi note 7 has the nokia X 5 dates in other ways like
the inclusion of an IR blaster a notification LED support for MC and 4G a
gradient color option etc you already know that I get great battery life on
both of these from my full review which I’ll also be leaving it in the
description box do leave a comment if you’d like to see a camera comparison
between the 2 or the redmi note 7 and any other phone i hope you enjoyed this
video if you did give it a thumbs up and share it also follow me on Twitter and
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this and I’ll see you in the next one peace you

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