YouTube Creator Studio App for iOS – iPod iPad iPhone

YouTube Creator Studio App for iOS – iPod iPad iPhone

Hey welcome everybody, this is your tight
fisted, but yet energetic YouTube expert, Derral Eves! Now do you wish you had some
real-time access to your YouTube status or your YouTube channel. And be able to do comment
moderation, whether you’re on a bus, or in a park or wherever. Or to be able to access
your video manager right from the palm of your hand. Say yes! I know you want to do
it. Now YouTube’s just released an app and it’s called YouTube Creator Studio, yes, it’s
on android, because they own android, and yes it’s on IOS devices. Now in this video
I’m going to show you how to navigate through this app and show you all the great features.
Let’s take a look! Now I’m really excited about the new app that
YouTube introduced, it’s right here, it’s called Creator Studio and if you need to download
this, this works on the android and IOS devices. And if you don’t have this here all you need
to do is go to the app store, let’s go ahead and click on that, and what you’ll want to
do is actually search for, come down here and click search, so we’ll just go ahead and
do that. And then what we’re going to do is just search for YouTube Creator and it’s called
Creator Studio. All you need to do is download this to your IOS device or android, so we’ll
go ahead and do that. And once that’s done it’s going to be on your desktop, and this
is the icon, this is what it looks like, let’s go ahead and click on this. And I’m really
excited about this because it brings in some great things. The first thing just from a
quick navigation you can see all the things on your dashboard, you can see the views,
minutes watched, subscribers for the last 28 days, You can even go into more detail
if you click on this right here where it says View More. You can see a little bit more in
a graph form, which is great. To go back all you’ve got to do is click in the upper left-hand
corner, so let’s go ahead and do that and click on Dashboard. We can see recent uploads,
we can see comments, and to get back we can go ahead and click on the upper left, let’s
go ahead and this is one I’m probably the most excited about is coming down to this
section right here to comments, let’s go ahead and click on that. We can actually see comments
that’s posted on your channel, and also your video and this corresponds back with that
section in the creator studio, under your community section on your channel itself.
So if I wanted to find something to reply to all you’ve got to do, let’s go ahead and
reply back to this one right here and we’ll go ahead and say “You’re welcome!” And if
you need to call them out this is where it just gets a little tricky because you can’t
call them out. There’s no way to call them out by doing the +. That’s the downside to
that. But that’s ok, I’ll take what I can get. Once you’re done with that you can go
ahead and click in the upper right-hand corner for post, you can give a thumbs up, you can
trash it, you can report for spam. But let’s go ahead and click on the post there. Once
it posts then it’s sent out and you can sit and do this. And the reason I’m excited about
this is there’s times that I have nothing to do and I’m just sitting somewhere and instead
of going through something that’s dumb I can actually respond back to my community and
reply to their messages and really grow the community. So let’s go ahead and click on
the upper left-hand side again, let’s click on that. Let me show you a couple other things.
You can literally see all your videos that you’ve uploaded and so on, and you can pull
those in. And it basically pulls everything in and it’s very responsive, very fast. You
also have a little search area that you can search for a video and so on. Another thing
is the little settings here if you click on that you can sort by most viewed if you want
to see most viewed or so on. So let’s go ahead and click on the upper left-hand side one
last time and go to analytics, this is basically the same analytics that was showing here on
the dashboard when you go to more. There’s also, if you look right here, if you’ve installed
the YouTube app or the capture app that’s you’re able to literally do that immediately
and launch that program. So if I want to launch the YouTube app you can do it right there. Now special note, this app won’t do you any
good unless you have some videos on your channel. Now I’ve downloaded this app and I really
love the push notifications, but I must say that really this is a great start, but I’m
waiting for some more in depth features, hopefully they come. Now if you’re interested in YouTube
or even doing YouTube on a mobile device, I have some great videos for you all you need
to do is check them out right over here. And make sure you take time to subscribe to my
YouTube channel I have a lot of great tips just like this one coming out twice a week.
Now I’m going to go ahead and watch my real-time stats and wait for you to subscribe to my
channel. Now you’ve got to click here first. Hmmmm… waiting… waiting… ok we’ve got
one. Got two subscribers. Come on, guys! Waiting… ahhhhh!

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