– Hey, everybody, before you watch
this episode of YouTubers React, we wanted to let you know
that we’re releasing our first VR 360 sketch this Wednesday
on the FBE channel, and it stars Brandon.
– Yes, I play a doctor in the video, and you are the patient,
and the whole thing is shot in VR. It was super cool to see
what it takes to make one and I hope you guys enjoy it. – So that we know that
most of you are watching videos on whatever device you’re on right now, but, truly, the best way to watch
this going to be with a VR headset to truly immerse yourself,
so if you happen to be able to get your hands on one,
there’s information in the description on how to watch the video. – If you don’t have a VR headset,
remember, you can also watch it on the YouTube app
or on your desktop laptop. Info also in the description. – It really is exciting to be playing
with new technology and being able to make
our very first sketch kind of experimenting
with comedy in a VR world, so we really hope that you enjoy it. – And now enjoy this episode
of YouTubers React, also starring me, so you know
it’s going to be good. (clicking mouse) ♪ (dramatic tone) ♪ ♪ (dramatic tone) ♪ ♪ (dramatic tone) ♪ – (FBE) So today we’re gonna
show you a series of videos, and the challenge is to try
not to cry while watching them. – Oh!
– Oh no! – Okay, I’ma win this. – I’ve done this before. Not on YouTube. In real life. I’m good at not crying. – (FBE) Whether or not you cry, we’ll have you rate the video
on a scale of one to five, based on how emotional you thought it was. – Five being, like, you were crying
the whole time. – This is going to be interesting. All aboard the feels train. – What if my eyes naturally tear? – I don’t know what kind of crying
this is going to elicit– happy crying, very sad crying? – (FBE) And we have
one more thing for you, just in case you need it. – Yeah, I’m gonna need these. – Oh no, am I gonna do an ugly cry? – ♪ I never told… ♪ (speaking in foreign language)
(child laughs) – Oh no. – Damn. – Aw, poor grandpa. – Oh no. – Oh, he’s got no one
to spend the holidays with. – ♪ There goes a day ♪ ♪ There goes a week ♪ ♪ So many goals I had to reach ♪ ♪ The more I did, the less… ♪ – I will not be swayed by the music. – ♪ The more I missed
the love you’ve shared ♪ ♪ You’ve been on my mind ♪ – Oh yeah, now you miss grandpa,
now that he gone. – ♪ …means nothing without you ♪
– Damn it. – The candles were lit
and the house will catch on f– (gasping) He’s alive! ♪ (music swelling) ♪
– Oh, I get it. (speaking foreign language) – Sneaky! – (woman) Papa. – He had to fake his death
for them to come? ♪ (touching music) ♪ – Aww! (emotionally) Aah! – Aww. – ♪ Truth is my home means nothing… ♪ – Oh god! Oh my god! – It worked.
– Aaah-ha-ha-ha! That’s so sad! – (FBE) So after watching the first video,
where do you rank it on the emotional scale?
– Three. – I’d say, like, a two. – One. It got me very emotionally mad. Like, not sad. – I don’t know, like a three. – I’d give it a two. That’s like tricking your family. – I’ll give it a three. – I’d say a three. It ended with a punk. – Pffft. Three. – It was a two. – That was a three,
like, a solid, solid three. – I’ll go with two. It’s more of like a reality check,
and then a sad video. – (sportscaster) All right, Logan,
your job is to find the gorilla. You will be blindfolded. – What? Where is this going? ♪ (techno music) ♪
– Oh no. I know what’s happening. – That’s his dad. – Oh no! There’s the dad.
– He has no idea. – Oh, bless him. – Aww. ♪ (techno music) ♪ – Good stuff.
(bell ringing) Good stuff. – ♪ Ooh, and I’m going home ♪ ♪ To the place where I belong ♪
– Oh. – (sportscaster) United States
Army Specialist, Jamie Bledsoe! – The music. – Firing up the music.
It got a little cheesy. – (sportscaster) Seeing his son Logan
for the first time in ten months. – Aah! – Aww. I still didn’t cry. – (FBE) So where does
this one rank for you? – That was a four.
I liked that video. – That was, like, a two. – That’s a four. – Just one. – Zero. It didn’t make me sad. It made me happy. – That was, like, a two.
– I’d give that a two. – That’s easily a four. There’s so many people out there
that don’t get to come back home. – I’d give it a three. – Eh, one. It kind of takes the heart
out of the moment when you have it
in front of so many people. – I’d go a three. My dad, he lives out in Singapore,
so we only get to see him maybe, like, twice a year
for not a long time, and it’s always like that. (birds chirping)
– (girl) Daddy. – (gasping) I’ve seen this one before. – Seen it and I will cry in the end.
– We’ve seen it. Oh god! – (girl) Daddy is
the sweetest daddy in the world. ♪ (soft acoustic music) ♪ – (girl) He is my superman. – Okay. – (girl) Daddy is just great, but… – Oh no! – Uh-oh. What? (music stops) – (girl) He lies. – And goosebumps.
– (whimpering) ♪ (sad music) ♪ – What does he lie about? – (girl) He lies about having money. – Mmm. – Baby know daddy poor. – Aah.
– (girl) He lies… that he is not tired. – Can a child comprehend all of that? – (girl) He lies that he is not hungry. – The struggle, man. – (girl) He lies about his happiness. – He doing it for you, baby. – (girl) He lies because of me. – Aww. ♪ (touching music) ♪ – He’s still happy, I’m sure. – Oh. ♪ (touching music) ♪ – That’s, like, really sweet. – I’m holding myself together. That was the closest one though. – Easy, I made it through that one. – (laughing)
– (joining in) – It’s so sad!
– Aah! – That’s a five. She realized daddy was working hard and he was just trying to make her happy. – This is a solid four. – I’ll give it a two. – That was a four. Working his ass off behind the scenes to try and give her a better life,
that’s what’s up. – Five. – It’s a four. I’ll have to give it a five if I cry. Only if I cry though. – That one was a good four. – That one gets a five.
That was deep. – That was a solid four. No tears, face is dry. – That was a hard five. – 100%, that was a five. My dad worked two jobs. He was working, like, 18 hour days and we didn’t have a lot of money and… Every time, those family ones get me. (light bulb flashes) ♪ (jazzy version of Bridal Chorus) ♪ – Wait. – Oh no.
No! This is Up. – This is the saddest thing
in the whole world. (applause) ♪ (swing music) ♪
– I hate you guys. – (exhaling) It’s such a good movie. – Aw, it’s already building up. Damn it. ♪ (gentle ballad) ♪ ♪ (music temp slows down) ♪ ♪ (music becomes sad) ♪ – (exhaling shakily) – Oh.
♪ (sad music) ♪ – Ellie! ♪ (hopeful music) ♪ ♪ (jazzy music) ♪ – Oh, a flat tire. – It’s okay. You have each other. – This makes me happy.
I’m not crying. – Oh, that boy getting old. ♪ (gentle ballad) ♪ – They’re such a cute couple.
Couple goals. – Oh, they take you
for such an emotional ride here. – This is sad. I’m not a sociopath. ♪ (hopeful music) ♪ – No, no, she falls. No! – Noooo! This is it. ♪ (sad music) ♪
– Oh no. – Oh! – Dang. – (groaning) God. – (whispering) Ooh. – If you watched that
for the first time and don’t cry, I don’t really think you’re human. – (FBE) Last one, where does it rank? – Oh, that’s a five. – Five, that’s– the tear-drickery-est
clip you’ve shown me. – This is a five. – Five because I’m very close to crying. – Hard five.
– That’s a five. – Probably a four. That makes me feel down. – Four. – (groaning) God, five. – Six. Seven. Their relationship and their lives together
was the best adventure of all. – That’s by far a five. I’m so fortunate in my life
to have so many people that I love so much. You make sacrifices all the time, and you put off things that you want to do and you put off adventures. You put it off because
the best adventure is being together, and then that person leaves
and… (sighing). ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) Crying
is something that, at times, society makes you feel bad for doing. Do you think it’s okay to show emotion? – Yeah, it’s okay to show emotion
because it shows that you’re human. – Crying is healthy. – I totally think it’s okay
to show emotion. It makes me feel better and more free. – YouTubers and a lot of watchers
are afraid of showing too much feeling because they don’t want
to seem vulnerable. – Men are expected to be
this non-emotional, sturdy rock. They’re humans and they
should be able to cry. – To share that emotional experience
is probably the rawest you can be, and the most vulnerable
you can be with someone and that’s not something to be ashamed of. – (FBE) Finally, with so many
different try-not-to type challenges popping up all the time,
why are try-not-to challenge videos some of the most popular on the site? – Oh, because I think it
is not only fun to watch others, but it is also participatory
for the viewers. – People like a challenge. – It makes you feel ways
you don’t really want to feel. – It’s nice to see people be regular and have a natural instinct to do
what the video is supposed to make you do. – It’s easy to try to do something, right, but to try NOT to do something
that was so embedded into our reflexes like crying, like flinching,
like laughing, we can’t control those. It’s more fun to try and counteract
what your body is predetermined to do. – Thank you guys so much for watching
this emotional episode of YouTubers React. – Don’t forget to subscribe
to all the other YouTubers down below. – Have a good day, and remember to cry. – (tearfully) Hey, guys, Kyle,
associate producer here at FBE. Do you have any videos
you want us to try not to cry to? Let us know in the comments.


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